TIBAEG AW19 – Melting clouds

Contemporary brand Tibaeg presented their AW19 collection ‘Melting clouds’ at Seoul Fashion Week.

The brand was launched in Seoul, 2011 by designer Eunae Cho, who inherited her love of fashion from her mother. After graduating from Seoul Fashion Week’s third row of ‘Generation Next‘, the brand first showcased at Seoul Fashion Week’s main clandar for SS16, and had collaboration with Lapalette , Louis Quartorze , Christine Dattner tea, Pot de miel for kids and Disney.

The brand explores the combination of delicate details and colours mixed with a diversity of graphic elements, expressing the most tender human emotions. ‘We found poetry in the way a tea bag infuses its flavors and colours into the water, releasing its sweet aroma and colour’ says the designer.

This season, the collection was created from a dreamy, fluffy, peaceful moment that brought out nostalgic memories. A calm and romantic scenery brings to life a vivid dream, soft but intense. Presenting a feminine, casual look using mixed tulle and denim in colours like forest green, soft rouge pink and milky blue. Nature graphics of fluffy clouds and mixture of geometry patterns printed on eco polyester with denim and tweed amplify the collection’s mood –a warm heart full of love.

Colours mixed with graphic elements. Tibaeg AW19
Delicate details. Tibaeg AW19
Layers. expressing the most tender human emotions. Tibaeg AW19
Graphics of fluffy clouds. Tibaeg AW19
In the way a tea bag infuses its flavors and colours into the water. Tibaeg AW19
Poetry in the romantic designs. Tibaeg AW19
Peaceful moment. Tibaeg AW19
Dreamy. Tibaeg AW19
Fluffy. Tibaeg AW19
Nostalgic memories. Tibaeg AW19
Mixed tulle. Tibaeg AW19
Calm and romantic scenery .Tibaeg AW19
A vivid dream. Tibaeg AW19
Soft but intense. Tibaeg AW19
Forest green. Tibaeg AW19
Mixed casual look. Tibaeg AW19
Feminine in denim. Tibaeg AW19
Geometry patterns. Tibaeg AW19

*Images courtesy of ⓒ Seoul Fashion Week*