TALBOT RUNHOF SS19 – #hardtoget

Favourite German premium fashion label Talbot Runhof presented their spring summer collection at Paris Fashion Week and once again it was full of fine detailing and strong designs.

Known for balancing playfulness with extreme femininity, designers Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runhof were all about showing the power of women this season with elegant tailoring, figure hugging silhouettes and lots of sparkle. 

Hashtag #hardtoget was attached to the collection which only emphasized the idea behind it: it’s all about strong and confident women, and about empowering them with the right cloths.   

Strong exaggerated shoulders met fluid fabrics,ruffles and slits, while ultra feminine evening dresses met sporty chic outfits like boxing shorts with a matching floor length jersey cape coat.

Colours were a combination of Khaki, that screams power, to more delicate tones like lilac and lemon yellow. Gold and silver together with sequins, gave a glamours and a bit futuristic touch to the collection.

Garments were diverse in a mix of prints such as zigzag, chevron and squares with the duo’s fresh take on the trendy-again jacquard camouflage.

Outfits were teamed with hats, sunglasses and pointed beaded boots or shiny sandals that added to the ‘super woman’ vibe throughout the collection – presenting the Talbot Runhof women: strong and unapologetic, at times super feminine, at times sporty but sparkles at all times.

Elegant tailoring. Talbot Runhof SS19
Strong designs. Talbot Runhof SS19
Ruffles and slits. Talbot Runhof SS19
Pointed beaded boots. Talbot Runhof SS19
Empowering women. Talbot Runhof SS19.
Teamed with hats and shiny sandals. Talbot Runhof SS19.
Chevron .Talbot Runhof SS19.
Sequins. Talbot Runhof SS19.
Fine detailing. Talbot Runhof SS19.
Strong exaggerated shoulders. Talbot Runhof SS19.
Floor length jersey cape coat. Talbot Runhof SS19
Sporty Vibe. Talbot Runhof SS19
Lemon Yellow. Talbot Runhof SS19
A fresh take on the jacquard camouflage. Talbot Runhof SS19
Trendy again – jacquard camouflage. Talbot Runhof SS19
Figure hugging silhouettes. Talbot Runhof SS19
Teamed with sunglasses to emphasize the look. Talbot Runhof SS19
Lots of sparkle. Talbot Runhof SS19
Balancing playfulness with femininity. Talbot Runhof SS19
Moiré. Talbot Runhof SS19
Strong and unapologetic. Talbot Runhof SS19
Designers Johnny Talbot and Adrian Runhof. SPRING/SUMMER 2019. Paris Fashion Week