Ryan Lo AW19 – Moon Lake Serenade

This season for AW19, Hong Kong-born designer Ryan Lo is exploring the roots of kawaii by looking at the Japanese illustrator Rune Naito, finding inspiration in his 1960s illustrations of doe-eyed girls with their bouffant hair and retrofrock.

The girly, beautiful collection presented at London fashion Week – featured corsages, pussy bows, feathers and frills. double-faced quilted nylon coats and jackets appear alongside drop-waist lace dresses, cocktail dresses and voluminous tiered skirts in baby pink tones, white and black.

Knitwear, a staple and signature of the designer comes this season in fine mohair, finished with a satin ribbon laced up like ballet shoes. Lurex sweat pants and hoodies are for those that love a simple life. Lo’s speciality of blossoming floral crochet are worked into Peter Pan collars, bibs and capes.

Once again, Lo has collaborated with leading British milliner  Stephen Jones on exaggerated marabou ski bunny ear muffs, and exaggerated bearskin hats, inspired by Swan Lake. The shoes are made in collaboration with Gina featuring riding boots fit for a royal hunting session, in lace mesh and dusty pink.

The Ryan Lo’s tale this season is with a happy ending featuring glamours baby carriages in black and dusty pink, courtesy of the Royal family’s chosen provider Silver cross – continuing last season’s storyline of Prince Charming and the Princess.

Girly collection. Ryan Lo AW19
Baby pink tones. Ryan Lo AW19
Pussy bows. Ryan Lo AW19
Feathers and frills. Ryan Lo AW19
Riding boots in dusty pink. Ryan Lo AW19
Cocktail dresses. Ryan Lo AW19
Voluminous skirts. Ryan Lo AW19
Mohair finished with satin ribbons. Ryan Lo AW19
Crochet. Ryan Lo AW19
Ryan Lo AW19
Exaggerated marabou ski bunny ear muffs by Stephen Jones. Ryan Lo AW19
Ryan Lo AW19
Bearskin hats, inspired by Swan Lake. Ryan Lo AW19
Ryan Lo AW19
Corsages. Ryan Lo AW19
Quilted nylon coats. Ryan Lo AW19
Lurex sweat pants. Ryan Lo AW19
Ryan Lo AW19
Glamours baby carriages. Ryan Lo AW19
Ryan Lo AW19
Courtesy of the Royal family’s chosen provider Silver cross. Ryan Lo AW19
Happy ending. Ryan Lo AW19