Red September presented their AW19 collection SONS OF ANARCHY at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in Moscow, opening a new chapter for the brand.

Inspired by industrial and architectural design, designer Olga Vasyukova clearly reflects her background in design in her collections. Each one takes an ideological direction, focusing on a mix of old school aesthetics and adopting key points of various modern art disciplines.

This season the designs feature an in-depth analysis together with constructive adaptation of classic motorcycle trousers found at vintage stores in Florence, daringly introducing notions of freedom to the compositional character of the collection.

Enhancing the balance between volume and form, the collection features cut-up and various textiles with a complexity of colour combinations, a selection of Italian leather and suede with weightless nylon and knitted linen of natural wool, providing depth and conceptual completeness to the unique designs.

A new implementation of the unique shoulder design, a defining feature of the brand, appears in a variety of forms and fabrics: from the couture version in cashmere and denim to the most adaptive commercial leather, cotton, and knitwear options. In the new season, Red September tells the story not only about freedom and independence, but about conscious rebellion and meaningful anarchy.

Red September AW19.
Inspired by industrial and architectural design. Red September AW19
Red September AW19.
Old school aesthetics and modern art disciplines. Red September AW19
Daring. Red September AW19
Various textiles. Red September AW19
Balance between volume and form. Red September AW19
Weightless nylon. Red September AW19
Conscious rebellion. Red September AW19
Conceptual completeness. Red September AW19
Unique designs. Red September AW19
Cut-up styles. Red September AW19
A new implementation of the unique shoulder design. Red September AW19
Notions of freedom. Red September AW19
Colour combinations. Red September AW19
Story of independence. Red September AW19
Adaptive commercial leather. Red September AW19
Natural wool. Red September AW19
A defining feature of the brand. Red September AW19
Italian leather. Red September AW19
Meaningful anarchy. Red September AW19

*Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia*