The MOOHONG Spring/Summer 2020 collection concept started from the designer’s study of classic menswear tailoring codes. It develops from the study of the structure garment from its very beginning, its numerous possibilities in construction as well as deconstruction of how it can take multiple shapes and transform itself onto something completely new. Like as when children innocently play and readapt their parents’ clothing in order to make it their own.

Using classic menswear fabrics, construction and elements such as wool, cotton and pin striped suits, the collection unveils a contrast of femininity and mascu- linity by mixing such codes with delicate silks, layering and draping techniques. Shades of black, grey, white and beiges mix with pastel blue, pink and yellow making opposition to the rigid and structure masculine base of the collection.

MOOHONG is an inter-subjective experiment to create an ideological project which incorporates fashion as a means of artistic and social expression.

MOOHONG’s basic design concept is “counter-intuitive” creation searching for new aesthetics.