Henrik Vibskov SS20 – Stuck

Danish Designer Henrik Vibskov is back at Copenhagen Fashion Week this season presenting his SS20 collection – ‘Stuck Under the Surface’. The collection, already unveiled at Paris Fashion Week, was inspired by an absurd and an unavoidable part of life – being stuck, or unable to change a situation.

‘In our society nowadays there is no time for being stuck, but sometimes it can perhaps be beneficial to embrace stagnation’ said the show notes. According to Vibskov, the association to being stuck can open up to strange and interesting combinations, when trying to combine something locked with a curious and playful mindset.

Patterns were at the centre of the collection, with both silhouettes and prints emphasizing the theme: knitted and printed sardines stuck in a box, a knitted ship stranded on a bridge, a dancing couple stuck together in a waltz, woven on voluminous honeycomb-shaped fabric. Woven embroidery lobsters with their claws tied together, and the beautiful contradiction in being both hard and soft, made in fringy vibrant fabric, barbeque sticks with a speared stuck sausage and endless amounts of chenille lobster claws. Parts have been stuck in opposite positions than usual during the patternmaking, open shoulder parts are created where the silhouette of the pattern has been moved and small patch labels are used to keep sleeves together.

As most of the designs at Copenhagen Fashion Week this season, the collection was also focused on sustainability – created with organic, recycled and biodegradable fabrics.

The relaxed, bold colour designs were teamed with statement platform       sandals and unique patterned head pieces. For SS20 Henrik Vibskov created another quirky, playful collection featuring his signature layering, loose silhouettes and unusual cuts.

Henrik Vibskov SS20
Stuck Under the Surface. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Inspired by an absurd and an unavoidable part of life. Henrik Vibskov SS20
No time for being stuck. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Patterns were at the centre of the collection. Henrik Vibskov SS20
A knitted ship stranded on a bridge. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Prints emphasizing the theme. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Open shoulder part created. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Parts have been stuck in opposite positions than usual. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Unique patterned head pieces. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Henrik Vibskov SS20
Relaxed pieces. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Henrik Vibskov SS20
Bold colour designs. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Focused on sustainability. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Created with organic, recycled fabrics. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Playful. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Teamed with statement platform sandals . Henrik Vibskov SS20
The association of being stuck. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Lobsters with their claws tied together. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Quirky. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Signature layering. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Strange and interesting combinations. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Loose silhouettes. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Unusual cuts. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Curious and playful mindset. Henrik Vibskov SS20
Designer Henrik Vibskov. Copenhagen Fashion Week SS20

*Images courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week*