Germanier meets UGG – Fall 2022

Swiss designer Kevin Germanier partnered this season with Californian lifestyle brand UGG for the brands debut show on the closing night of Paris Fashion Week.  

Thoughtfully integrating the bold DNA of both brands, Germanier merged the iconic silhouettes of the UGG classic boots to create a new look over-the-knee design exclusively for the runway.

“I envisioned a very unique UGG Couture boot for this carte blanche. I like that the final result is unexpected” says Kevin Germanier. “In these silhouettes, there is everything that roars in me, everything that pushes me to transform darkness into light, to tell life in all its brilliance. Not to pick up the pieces, but to organize something like an encounter between know-how and out-of-control; giving the embroidery the illusion that it is imploding, dripping wax over ice cubes, and smearing it with hair gel, photo-printing it. Go further while dressing attitudes and not just images.”

Extravagant embellishments, bold coloured feathers and upcycled Swarovski crystals and pearls appeared in sequined dresses and reworked denims, or numbers made in a beaded crochet technique that Germanier “learned on YouTube over Christmas because he was bored,”as he explained before the show.

Kevin Germanier at PARIS FASHION WEEK