A fresh new designer in MBFW Russia’s GLOBAL TALENT Initiative, Estonian designer Diana Arno‘s AW19 collection is an illustration of a modern day spy: featuring elegant floor sweeping dresses, trench coats with cinched waist and oversized pockets ready to fit in all the women’s secrets. Sandy beige, forest green, dusky burgundy and blurred-edge watercolour polka dots are created an exquisite company to the flowy ruffles and feminine lace appliques.

Classic silhouettes and patterns were utilized in creating these effortlessly chic leather and wool coats and patterned dresses of lightest fabric.

The final looks reinforces the Lady Spy idea, with the use of beautiful trench coats and creative dresses made from rain-resistant fabric. A collection for the modern-day vamp, and one that aims to wow those around her.

Illustration of a modern day spy. DIANA ARNO AW19
Ready to fit in all womens secrets. DIANA ARNO AW19
Classic patterns. DIANA ARNO AW19
Feminine lace appliques. DIANA ARNO AW19
Floor sweeping dresses. DIANA ARNO AW19
Chic leather coats. DIANA ARNO AW19
Trench coats. DIANA ARNO AW19
Flowy ruffles. DIANA ARNO AW19
Modern-day vamp. DIANA ARNO AW19
Effortlessly chic. DIANA ARNO AW19
Blurred-edge watercolour polka dots. DIANA ARNO AW19
Sandy beige. DIANA ARNO AW19
Patterned dresses. DIANA ARNO AW19
Lightest fabric. DIANA ARNO AW19

*Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia*