Daphne Couture -Handbag philosophy

Daphne couture  is an Italian -made handbag brand presenting a different philosophy.

The brand’s story begins almost 30 years ago, when Dafna Cohen, the designer behind the brand, was in her teenage years. The young idealistic girl fell in love with her grandmother’s clothes and accessories: the patterns, the cuts, the materials and the colours. She soon found out that altering pieces from the 60’s 50’s can bring new life to those garments, creating fresh and new outfits.

Growing up in an ever- industrialized, mass-consumption oriented society that doesn’t leave much space for self-expression, Dafna felt the need to bring a unique, custom-made fashion solutions for women.

Her brand  Daphne Couture  was born out of the realization that a woman can be understood better by focusing on her femininity and comfort without any design compromises. Each of her garments is handmade by artisans in Northern Italy. Every craftsman was carefully and personally selected – not just by his skills, but also by the passion he puts into his work.

Daphne Couture Italian -made bag brand
Daphne Couture was born out of the realization that a woman can be understood better by focusing on her femininity

Dafna’s own philosophy for individuality is: “I was born to be me”

This philosophy was born out of the designer’s belief that every person has his own way of living and expressing himself. The designer strongly believes that we are all equal but at the same time, different, which is part of the beauty of this world. Accepting this fact will lead to a much more accepting and sane world.

Dafna made a conscious decision to design and manufacture small, quality custom made collections to maintain a unique and personal look and give each and every woman that makes a decision to purchase one of her bags a great deal of attention. The unique bags not necessarily come in the standard size, a fact that allows them to be used as a professional day time hand bags or as chic evening bags. The bags are well adapted for today’s hectic modern life and can hold an ipad/ tablet, and contain an internal pocket holding a mobile and some small personal belonging.
“I believe that in today’s eclectic world, accessories play a big part of easily upgrading an appearance and any outfit, that is why I chose four different types of leather for my products, each one will create a completely different look” says the designer.

The materials used for creating the bags are brass and fine leathers (“because it is durable over time”). All the materials and metals handmade are produced in Italy. The ideology behind the brand calls for intelligent consumerism and encourages women to purchase few items of the highest quality.

“Just as I have my vintage bags with me throughout my life, each one with its own story, that is exactly how I see the kind of woman that will have my bag – growing up and changing with Daphne Couture’s handbag by her side”

To purchase one of the beautiful handmade bags: Daphne Couture

Daphne Couture Italian -made bag brand
Created from brass and fine leathers – Daphne Couture
Daphne Couture Italian -made bag brand
A small, quality custom made collection – Daphne Couture
Daphne Couture Italian -made bag brand
The designer behind the brand. Dafna Cohen – “I was born to be me”