Menswear label D-ANTIDOTE presented their AW19 collection ‘Space Jam’ at Seoul Fashion week. As the name suggests, this season’s concept was inspired by the movie Space Jam and street basketball.

The collection goes beyond past, present and future, by mixing basketball fashion and street style of late 90’s derived from NBA and the movie ‘slam dunk’.

D-ANTIDOTE is known to be menswear based, but as always the designs are true to the label’s gender fluid style crossing over between menswear and womenswear. Designer Hwansung Park, a Central Saint Martins graduate, creates a connection between London and Seoul and his designs reflect the connective vision between the cities. ‘SEOULONDON’ is a repeating slogan visible in his designs.

Just like the lable’s name. The collection divides between  two sides – luxury and fast fashion. An edgy, sporty streetwear with luxuries materials mixing futuristic kitsch motifs from ‘space jam’.

Models walk down the runway in glamorous jumpsuits, layered hoodies and tech jackets, some holding basketballs by basketball brand STAR wearing chic face sunglasses in collaboration with S-VIEW.

The signature D-ANTIDOTE logo bags were joined by STRETCH ANGELS  crossbody bags. Another collaboration this season and a beautiful addition to this luxurious contemporary collection with a futuristic twist.

Space Jam. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Beyond past, present and future. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Mixing basketball fashion and street style. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Street basketball inspired.D-ANTIDOTE AW19
A connection between London and Seoul. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
SEOULONDON is a repeating slogan. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Layered hoodies. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Chic face sunglasses in collaboration with S-VIEW. D-ANTIDOTE AW19.
basketballs by basketball brand STAR. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Gender fluid style. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Crossing over between menswear and womenswear. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Contemporary with a futuristic twist. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Luxuries materials. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
The signature D-ANTIDOTE logo bags. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Edgy, sporty streetwear. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Derived from NBA. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Tech outwear. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Futuristic kitsch motifs. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Street style of late 90’s. D-ANTIDOTE AW19
Divides between luxury and fast fashion. D-ANTIDOTE AW19

*Images courtesy of ⓒ Seoul Fashion Week*