Charli Cohen AW17: ‘CC2S’

Charli Cohen is known for her sportswear design and structured aesthetics. This season she presented her collection : ‘CC2S’ – inspired by the common obsession with mobile phones and social media. The journey begins with early-onset nostalgia, the disjointed memories of an analog childhood, with tech boom changing the world during our teens. Make-up free models stood on pedestals, snapping selfies and scrolling through feeds, while a screen featured clips of social-media obsessed society, with a desire to look a certain way.

Inspired by the common obsession with mobile phone. Charli Cohen AW17

The collection diverts into the over-saturation of influencer culture, Internet fame and the fanatical consumption of celebrity endorsed goods and merchandise. How the idolisation of ‘celebrity’ has impacted everything from our spending habits, to our sense of self-worth, to our politics.

Leaning more towards sports luxe than activewear -the collection introduced  a mixture of technical ‘silk’, bonded scuba, ultra-light polyamides, high-tech merino blends and frayed denim. The collection also contained heavy hardwear with multiple snaps and zips to convert the garment’s silhouette to create a bold and considered look.

The colour palette was based around sandy nudes and grey tones, punctuated with powder blue, metallic gold and graphic black and white featured in key pieces such as a sleeping-bag style padded parka.

The silhouettes play on the freedom of a 90s childhood, contrasted against the trappings of young adulthood in a bizarre social, economical and political landscape. The name CC2S parodies the ‘Apple effect’ of feeling like we always need more than we have.

 Charli Cohen AW17
Sports luxe – Charli Cohen AW17
Charli Cohen AW17
A sleeping-bag style padded parka – Charli Cohen AW17
 Charli Cohen aw17
A bold and considered look – Charli Cohen aw17
Charli Cohen AW17
The ‘Apple effect’ – Charli Cohen AW17
Multiple snaps and zips