BY MALENE BIRGER – FALL 2022 – Contemporary Bohemian 

The cornerstone of the BY MALENE BIRGER world anchors upon two elements – the bohemian and the contemporary.

At the core of the brand is the tension of opposites – Eclectic, warm & authentic, versus modern, fresh, and forward-facing. The brand has announced that they have been reshaping the BY MALENE BIRGER brand this past year from the foundation to present their fall 2022 collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Creative Director, Maja Dixdotter, outlines how we “have always had this strong bohemian undercurrent running along the brand and this season we’ve amplified that, threading a modern narrative throughout.”

Fall 2022 builds upon this base for a collection fluent in contradictions. High-octane bohemia clashes with disquieting elements, while tactile textures and thoughtful combinations underpin the season.
“I take a maximalist approach to minimalism, so we’ve assembled the season in a way that feels rich and exaggerated but speaks to a refined character.

This character came to life in Florence last year where I sketched the collection, surrounded by the golden and sandy tones of the city.” The collection follows a serpentine path, weaving with both building blocks of the brand for balance. A free-spirited wave motif is tempered by restrained
silhouettes, sculptural and sharp suiting contrasts with soft fabrications, and an otherwise neutral palette is accented by mellow buttermilk, rust, and powder blue hues evocative of the sun-soaked Italian city. It is a narrative wholly for today, interwoven with the idiosyncrasies of
an eccentric – the basis of which our world is built.