Blumarine AW19 – celebration of roses

Italian Fashion label Blumarine is known for feminine and romantic designs with a vibrant edge. designer and creative force behind the label, Anna Molinari is known as the queen of roses due to her fondness for these magical and sensual flowers which represent the image of the Blumarine label and symbolically embody its ideal of femininity.

The designer calls the collection this season ‘her Blumarine’ updated for for today’s world.

“ where I have infused all the passion, the feelings and the whole experience of a lifetime, together with my love for a seductive, flirtatious femininity, intriguing and a little diva-esque,
with sensuality and a touch of playful lightness” 

In this collection the designer intended to express the sense of beauty and harmony which has always inspired her creations.

The iconic black dresses have a young and romantic silhouettes in lace-like openwork knitwear, or with velvet bustier bodice, or decorated with soft feathers, they express a modern sensuality.

The panier skirts blossom under dainty blouses or are combined with a leopard printed cropped jacket. Big taffeta bows are blooming on the brand’s signature Bluvi cardis paired with sexy pencil skirts.

The all time classic leopard printed fitted coats are embroidered with bejewelled knots pearls;
 Elegant masculine-inspired tuxedo suits appear in velvet exude a captivating, alluring flair, contrasting with the ethereal long evening dresses in chiffon or Chantilly lace.

This collection is a celebration of feminine style and the romantic atmosphere of the brand. “In my romantic world, my beloved roses cannot be missed.Red roses have always been a synonymous with beauty, allure, sensuality and passion;they are also a symbol of my style and of the thousand different nuances of the feminine spirit.I wanted to celebrate them in all-over prints on chiffon gowns, or embroidered in golden and platinum sequins, nicely contrasting with the geometry of argyle sequined motifs on charming evening dresses… It is my story, full of passion and dreams”

Anna Molinari, the Queen of Roses

Feminine. Blumarine AW19
Romantic designs. Blumarine AW19
Blumarine AW19
A vibrant edge. Blumarine AW19
Updated for for today’s world. Blumarine AW19
Big taffeta bows. Blumarine AW19
Leopard printed cropped jacket.
Blumarine AW19
Classic leopard print. Blumarine AW19
Iconic black dresses. Blumarine AW19
Sense of beauty and harmony. Blumarine AW19
Blumarine AW19
Celebration of feminine. Blumarine AW19
Romantic atmosphere. Blumarine AW19
Celebration of Roses. Blumarine AW19
Sexy pencil skirt. Blumarine AW19
A modern sensuality. Blumarine AW19
Young and romantic silhouettes. Blumarine AW19
Long dress in Chantilly lace. Blumarine AW19
Blumarine AW19
Masculine-inspired tuxedo suit in velvet. Blumarine AW19
Blumarine AW19
Milan Fashion Week. Finale. Blumarine AW19
Designer Anna Molinari @ Milan Fashion Week

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