Beautiful People SS22 -MULTIPLICITY

Our lives are not the same anymore. We all had to acknowledge a change of perspective,
learning the necessity to be flexible, adaptable, ready to change minds quickly in order to handle any situation with ease. As part of our daily lives, clothing should be part of this new adaptability and probably channel it, too, changing effortlessly to face the many situations one fronts in the course of the day, come rain or shine, work or leisure, in private or social life.

Side C, the transformative look at classics that focuses on innovative pattern making
offering multiple ways to wear and interpret garments, explores the dimension of multiplicity.
Further expanding the double end concept introduced last season, which allowed garments to be used in different ways by turning them upside down, new possibilities have been added. Pieces can be flipped left to right, into out, top to bottom offering a multiplicity of angles and functions, adapting to different places, but also to different occasions, from the outdoors to the office.

The spirit is nonchalant, light. Silhouettes dance and flutter around the body. Inspired by a poem written by Miyazawa Kenji, Not losing to rain… garments have been introduced that, due to the material they are made of, can be used under rain or inside the water, either on sunny, windy or rainy days: a bikini; a blouson that turns into a jumpsuit; a dancing dress.

In an easy move, a blouse becomes a skirt, a skirt a dress. Inside-out and upside down a formal tailleur becomes informal. Opposites are harmonized on the two faces of a fabric:
black and white, classy bouclè tweed and worker stripes, vintage and one wash denim. Bright color blocks refer to the work of Piet Mondrian, while a horoscope motif from the Middle Ages turns in different shapes using the navel as the center of the dress.

In the accompanying movie, girls walk in couples and dance, nonchalantly demonstrating the dresses’ many possibilities. Multiplicity as a way to live life easily, not losing to the rain, to the wind, to the adversities.