Baum und Pferdgarten AW22 – Pursuing Polaris

Building on pre-autumn’s collection, the mood for the Baum und Pferdgarten AW22 collection presented at Copenhagen Fashion Week was inspired by the northernmost place on the planet – the inhospitable north pole. A place of fascination and extremes – drifting seas of ice, unforgiving winds and months without sunlight which taps into the arctic north with a contemporary vision of cool, yet femininity and the forces of nature.

Looking for layers of protection against the elements, styles are rooted in a Nordic aesthetic that plays out in contrasts between light and dark, masculine and feminine, and the multiplicity of the seasons. Ethereal fabrics are juxtaposed with hardy performance materials and
soft, fluid lines are offset with stringent tailoring and carefully considered details. Underscoring Baum und Pferdgarten’s strong and eclectic DNA, the collection is a celebration of colour, texture and pattern that spans polar opposites – flamboyant contrasts and subtle shifts – to make every piece an adventure.