About us

Envisioned and created by Limor Helfgott and Mike Rolls, London-based Milkey Magazine is made up of individuals involved in the Fashion industry in different ways. 

The focus is on innovation, strong design and standout images. As well as covering the latest fashion news, brands and events such as Fashion Week, Milkey Magazine also aims to shine the spotlight on young, upcoming and emerging designers on the European scene.

Limor Helfgott
Co-Founder & Editor in Chief

Limor is a shoe addict usually caught wearing black. Her previous international experience includes working as a fashion stylist, Art director, personal shopper & Fashion Editor in major cities like New York, Tel-Aviv, Berlin and Milan. Limor is currently based in London ‘the world’s fashion capital’ in her eyes and a city full of opportunities and inspiration for young designers.

Mike Rolls
Co-Founder & Fashion photographer

Mike is a super tall Portrait & Fashion photographer based in London. With a lifelong fascination with photography, his work is a mix of clean studio portraits, creative fashion editorials and fashion week catwalk shows around Europe. Mike has a highly creative approach to fashion photography, and is passionate about working with new fashion brands helping to build their name with strong images.

Our contributing Writers & Photographers

Liron Weissman is a proud curly haired Fashion Photographer based in Tel-Aviv. She discovered photography at the age of 5, when her father gave her an old camera to play with. Liron is always busy shooting fashion productions and portraits, working with several magazines, brands and artists. Lately she’s been working on a new photography project which aims to show the beauty and power of curls through realistic clean portraits of girls and women – “The Curly Project”

Jesper Bang-P. Thortzen is a Copenhagen based Fashion Photographer and Videographer, Model Scout and probably the last Viking alive! With more than 15 years of experience Jesper is a master of capturing the best moments on the runway but also uses his skills to shoot avant garde editorials in the most interesting locations. These days you can find Jesper either shooting in his hometown Copenhagen, or travelling and exploring food, scenery as well as different fashion scenes around the world.

Einav Reissman is our Milan and Tel-Aviv correspondence and comes from the fashion and lifestyle industry in Tel-Aviv. Having a classic and clean style and loving fashion heritage, she is known to be a fan of Scandinavian fashion and design. She divides her time between Tel-Aviv and Milan, where she studied Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies in Italy’s top university Bocconi. Einav loves to travel the world discovering new talents, and her secret passion is food.

Omri McNabb is first of all a Chef, with a special passion for photography. Omri has worked for some of the best Kitchens in Tel-aviv and as a self-taught photographer has an eye for the aesthetics. He loves exploring new tastes and talents. Currently based in London, he is known for his unique style and his love for everything Italian.

Alex Cheung aka 4ung our correspondence in Paris for PFW, is a Fashion photographer from Hong Kong with a unique eye and a track record of shooting for Farfetch, fuzz Magazine, Nike, Clot & A-COLD-WALL* These days you can find 4ung shooting mainly in Europe -capturing mainly street style and backstage moments at major fashion events.