21dot12 AW19 – Traditional simplicity

21dot12 unveiled their AW19 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia in Moscow featuring their renowned formalwear for both men and women.

Founded in 2016 by designer Nikolai Prokofiev, the brand is true to working with man’s classic costume and formatting it to Twenty One Twelve‘s authentic style.

This season, the designer presented classic grey business suits, a simplicity covering up a deep infatuation and understanding of powerful Slavonic and Pre-Revolutionary Russia elements. The traditional embroidered shirt – the vyshivanka – was present in the lace epaulettes that swayed from the finely-tailored suits with each step.

Shirt collars were were specifically left buttonless, created as a tribute to kosovorotkas – the “skewed collar shirt”. The subtle yet deep Slavonic symbolism continued in the accessories – golden medallions with ancient sun symbols hung from every model’s neck, and silver needles (a traditional element in folk magic) features as elements on many of the suits and jackets.

Tan coats and ash-grey genderless suits were the basis to this restrained yet simple, culturally significant collection with impeccable tailoring, mixing between tradition and formalwear.

21dot12 AW19
Formalwear for both men and women. 21dot12 AW19
21dot12 AW19
Slavonic elements. 21dot12 AW19
True to working with man’s classic costume. 21dot12 AW19
Authentic style. 21dot12 AW19
Genderless suits. 21dot12 AW19
Shirt collars were were left buttonless. 21dot12 AW19
21dot12 AW19
Pre-Revolutionary Russia elements. 21dot12 AW19
21dot12 AW19
Tan suits were the basis. 21dot12 AW19
21dot12 AW19
Mixing between tradition and formalwear. 21dot12 AW19
Restrained yet simple. 21dot12 AW19
A tribute to the skewed collar shirt. 21dot12 AW19
Classic grey business suit. 21dot12 AW19
Golden medallions with ancient sun symbols .21dot12 AW19
Simplicity. 21dot12 AW19
Silver needles element. 21dot12 AW19
21dot12 AW19
A traditional element in folk magic featured on suits. 21dot12 AW19

*Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia*